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Hello Friends, Enemies, and the Generally Disinterested,

I thought I would kick off the new year with my 100th post!  Who knew I could talk that much?  Okay, anyone that knows me in person had no doubts!  But in my defense, it has taken three years!  I launched this blog (thanks to the prodding of a wonderful woman God sent into my life!) in January 2009.  I haven’t gotten famous (infamous… maybe) but I have made some amazing friends and avoided having to pay a therapist!  A few dear friends are better than fame any day.  I have also gathered a few dissenters, and that’s good too.  I am thankful for both!

WordPress sends out a helpful end-of-year report to their bloggers and I noticed 8thday4life had visitors from many different countries!  I feel so privileged to share what God has done in our lives with so many people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

One project for the coming year is a website/blog dedicated to health and nutrition, especially for those who wish to transition from a vegetarian to a more omnivorous diet.  I am learning so much in this area myself (and this idea also coming from a good friend).  The health issue as it relates to Seventh-day Adventism is one of the most sought after topics on this blog, which had come as a surprise to me.  We seek to find our true rest in Christ in all aspects of our lives, even food.

I am praying about what to share this year, and am excited about what God has in store to teach me.  I don’t want to sit on yesterday’s revelation.  I pray we all grow in Christ this year, feeding on our daily Bread, Water of Life, walking in the Light of Life!

Blessings in Jesus to you for 2012!



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