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A simple statement by an SDA leader showing the main object and method of Seventh-day Adventist evangelism, in a commentary on SDA failure to evangelize Muslims:

“Adventists (like most Christians) have greatly misunderstood Islam,” says Jerry Whitehouse, director of The Global Center for Adventist Muslim Relations, currently located in Loma Linda, California. “Consequently, we have tried to evangelize Muslims the same way we evangelize non-Adventist Christians. We have taught them our Adventist doctrines and pointed out how they needed to change their lifestyles in order to live as Adventists. This approach has not worked.” Full Article

SDA Evangelism: Reaching non-Adventist Christians

Conversion:  Teaching SDA doctrines and lifestyle

I have never seen a more truthful description.  While there may be exceptions to this, I personally have not witnessed it – either in my years growing up in an SDA pastor’s family or in the churches I attended as an adult.

This is why those who have left find it so frustrating when mainstream Christianity repeatedly rejects our claim that the SDA denomination is not evangelical at all.  Does anyone know of a Christ-following church who has this goal – to reach people who already know Christ and teach them their own special way to live?

But the most disturbing aspect of this article shows SDAs are joining a growing movement trying to proclaim that Christianity and Islam worship the same God.

“I don’t believe Islam is either Satanic or inherently evil. Muslims worship the one true God, the God of Abraham, and they believe in a final judgment,” asserts Whitehouse.

While this statement was made several years ago, Whitehouse signed this document in 2008 along with many Christian leaders, proclaiming Christians and Muslims have one God.

The evangelical world doesn’t doubt just the testimony of former Adventists.  It seems they don’t believe former Muslims either.  Discernment and truth have been traded for patronizing and profit.

For those who would like to know the truth on this subject, I highly recommend this book:

Unveiling Islam

Many other great resources are available at the same website.

I don’t encourage hate in any direction, but only truth will stand in the end and I pray those I know, will find it.


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