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So many religious movements who claim to follow Christ actually demote or destroy the Deity of Jesus Christ. Sometimes they chip away at this truth with subtle contradictory teachings that elevate the “godhood” of man, and erode the definitions of  our Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Creator/Redeemer God.  Others are blatant, as a publication recently left at my door by a Jehovah Witness which claimed to  entirely disprove that Jesus was God in the flesh.  I was also shocked how many people in the Hebrew Roots Movement have lost this truth and succumbed the the idea common to Judaism (and the chief reason this religion has not yet acknowledged its own Messiah – see John 10) that God’s son was to be a mere human, with a special anointing.

The New Testament teaches very clearly that Jesus was in fact God – in many places.  Jesus Himself accepted the adoration and worship allowed only for God, where angels are always seen to reject this response from humans.  Jesus made bold claims. You cannot profess to follow Him while simultaneously rejecting what He testified, and the Father and Spirit testified, was true about His Identity.

All this to share one great free resource!

Here is a free chart download from Rose Publishing which summarizes the New Testament witness concerning Jesus.

Jesus is the Truth – but there are many impostors.


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