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One wise man said…

“The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it,

but to lay a straight stick along side it.”

Most Christians, and Seventh-day Adventists would agree the straight stick is the Word of God.

BUT… What if you are testing with a crooked stick?

“We are not to receive the words of those who come with a message that contradicts the special points of our faith. They gather together a mass of Scripture, and pile it as proof around their asserted theories. This has been done over and over again during the past fifty years. And while the Scriptures are God’s word, and are to be respected, the application of them, if such application moves one pillar from the foundation that God has sustained these last fifty years, is a great mistake.” Ellen White – Councils to Writers and Editors, p. 28-32

If the Bible is not allowed to be seen as contradicting Mrs. White or the traditional SDA doctrines at any point, your stick is crooked and you will not be able to discern truth in any area where she has strayed from the truth.   Every person must test truth of human teachers for themselves.  Ellen White was convinced her truth had already been tested to a level of authority that no one else from this point on was allowed to come to any different conclusion.  This means you have to blindly trust those who went before you instead of digging in for yourself.

This does not sound like Paul who commended the Bereans for scrutinizing his teachings with the Scripture to see if he was telling them the truth or not.   Truth invites you to test it rather than warning you had best not ever disagree.

The sad situation however is that someone who has been born and raised with the Ellen White filter can’t even see the straight stick when they read the Bible.  They “hear” what they have been told it means through the lens of her interpretations, EVEN IF they have never read her writings for themselves.  Only by the Grace of God does a person come to the place where they can read the Bible and see a very different picture than the one which has been presented to them since birth.  I know many who have, from a deep hunger for truth, been given this gift as they have availed themselves of the Bible alone in earnest prayer.  It’s a very hard journey to lay down what you thought was true, to wrestle with God and His Word to dig out what it really says.  We have to be willing to accept that truth at all costs, and follow it.  When our eyes are finally opened, the grieving process begins as we unravel and rebuild everything we thought we knew and realize it will affect our family, our church relationships, and possibly even our careers.  I know those who have given up much to follow the straight stick.  Evidently they have found something of great value to make these sacrifices!

If someone from ANY group or any teacher will not allow you to question… please know this is one of the largest and loudest red flags that something false needs to be protected.   I beg you… learn to discern.

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